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Mission Statement
Crevolution's mission is to inspire young people to get involved in the world of Science, Technology, and Engineering and to help prepare them to be future leaders in these important fields.

Major Sponsors

Utica Community Schools


FCA Foundation

Community Impact: VEX Camp
Vex Camp

  In the past summers of 2011, 2012, and 2013 Crevolution us run a VEX robotics camp for Junior High students in the Utica Community School District. The students particapate in building, prototyping, and in some case even programming their own autonomus. The kids all have a great time learning about robotics from experienced members and we are able to raise a lot of awareness for our team as well as for FIRST in the community as a result. Due to its success, this camp is something Crevolution is planning on doing every summer wth the hopes of growing it to include FLL training as well for younger children interested in FIRST at a young age. This year we had eight-teen kids who worked in teams of three to compete in a end of the week double elimination competion.

Community Impact: Relay for Life
Vex Camp

  In the summer of May 2013 Crevolution particapted in the Shelby Township Realy for Life. The students all gather to walk laps and miles to help fund cancer research. At night we were a part of a candle lit vigil and in the morning we made breakfast for the hungry walkers. We also got to take our robot from that year the "a-MAYS-ing Discubluos" on the track to impress and spread the meesage of FIRST in are community. We were met with a good reception and hope to participate in the Relay for years to come.

Community Impact: FLL Mentoring

  For the past three years, many Crevolution members have helped mentor the FIRST Lego League team at Jack Harvey Elementary, The Gearheads. With Crevolution's help, the Gearheads have qualified for the state competition two years in a row, doing extremely well in the teamwork and innovative idea areas. Crevolution members have had a great time with this mentoring and the Gearheads had a great time coming to our competitions, so this FLL relationship is something we will continue well into the future. Crevolution also has plans to extend further into the community by helping to mentor even more FLL teams.

Community Impact: Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

  In the fall before the 2010 season, Crevolution helped out with Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer organization that builds homes for underprivileged families. We arrived at the site where two houses were being built and split into different groups. Some people went to prime and paint, some put up siding, and some helped to lay down tile. It was quite fun learning different construction skills, and being around all of our teammates made this a great experience for everyone. Crevolution is currently in the process of setting up another Habitat for Humanity event to further benefit the community.

Community Impact: Other

Crevolution has found many other ways to get into the community and spread the message of FIRST including:

  • Doing a bowling fundraiser for charity
  • Attending school open houses/college fairs to let people know about our team
  • Doing tours of Junior High Schools to recruit new members and share our message

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